Castro Valley Sanitary District


Single Family Standard Collection Rates – Quarterly

Rates valid July 1, 2022 – June 30, 2023


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Single Family Collection Rates
Service LevelSolid WasteRecyclingOrganics
Curbside 20 Gallon*$97.47IncludedIncluded
Curbside 32 Gallon*$151.11IncludedIncluded
Curbside 64 Gallon*$262.44IncludedIncluded
Curbside 96 Gallon*$373.71IncludedIncluded
Curbside Extra 20 Gallon$70.77N/AN/A
Curbside Extra 32 Gallon**$110.04$61.20$61.20
Curbside Extra 64 Gallon**$193.02$61.20$61.20
Curbside Extra 96 Gallon**$276.12$61.20$61.20
Backyard Disabled 20 Gallon*$97.47IncludedIncluded
Backyard Disabled 32 Gallon*$151.11IncludedIncluded
Backyard Disabled 64 Gallon*$262.44IncludedIncluded
Backyard Disabled 96 Gallon*$373.71IncludedIncluded
Extra BY Disabled 20 Gallon*$70.77IncludedIncluded
Extra BY Disabled 32 Gallon*$110.04IncludedIncluded
Extra BY Disabled 64 Gallon*$193.02IncludedIncluded
Extra BY Disabled 96 Gallon*$276.12IncludedIncluded
Backyard 20 Gallon*$187.41IncludedIncluded
Backyard 32 Gallon*$241.05IncludedIncluded
Backyard 64 Gallon*$352.38IncludedIncluded
Backyard 96 Gallon*$463.65IncludedIncluded
Extra 20 Gallon Backyard$97.77N/AN/A
Extra 32 Gallon Backyard**$137.07$61.20$61.20
Extra 64 Gallon Backyard**$236.25$61.20$61.20
Extra 96 Gallon Backyard**$335.52$61.20$61.20

*Canyonlands customers do not receive Organics service.

**Single family customers shall receive one (1) recycling cart as standard and may request a second at no additional charge. Additional carts will be charged.

**Single family customers shall receive one (1) Organics cart as standard. Additional carts will be charged.

Additional Services
ServiceRate InformationCharge Per Event
Customer Reactivation Fee after Involuntary Suspension of ServiceUpon Reactivation$26.79
Non Sufficient Funds (NSF) FeePer Event$44.62
Residential Finance Charge (on accounts over 30 days past due)Per Month1.50%
Bulky Good Collection - 1st Annual Service (Calendar Year)Per Service$0.00
Additional Bulky Goods Collection: Yardage greater than Cubic Yards included with service. (Each Cubic Yard)Per cubic yard$89.94
Additional Bulky Goods Collection After 1st Annual Service (Per Cubic Yard)Per cubic yard$89.94
Additional Cart Exchange (Each Additional Occurrence)Per Event$89.94
Additional Cart Replacement (Each Additional Cart)Per Event$89.94
Cart CleaningPer Event$89.94
Extra Bag-it-BagsPer Bag$9.43
Extra Paper Garden Bags (If mailed to customer - an additional postage fee will be charged)Per Bag$9.43