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Holiday, Special Events and Textile Collection Info


ACI observes the following holidays:
New Year’s Day

A delay in service when one of the holidays listed above falls on a weekday. During the Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year’s Day holiday week, service preceding the holiday is unaffected. Customers whose regular service day falls on the holiday or after, however, will receive service a day late. For example, during Thanksgiving week, only customers with Thursday and Friday service are affected. Thursday customers will have their containers serviced on Friday. Friday customers will have their containers serviced on Saturday.

Please click here for a Holiday Collection Schedule Chart.


  • ACI will collect trees from the curb on regular collection days during the 2-week period beginning with the first Monday in January of each year.
  • Collection will be done using a special truck that may service your block much earlier or much later than our regular trucks.
  • Please remove all lights, decorations, tinsel and the tree stand before placing your tree out next to your carts. Trees over 6-feet tall should be cut in half.
  • Please do not place the tree in any type of plastic wrap or bag.
    Small trees may be placed inside your organics cart if you prefer; just be sure to cut it into small pieces that won’t get stuck in the cart, and make sure the lid will fully close.
  • Flocked trees are collected but cannot be composted.
  • Artificial trees are not accepted. Please place in garbage (do not overload carts) or contact us to arrange for a bulky item collection.
  • Questions? Contact us for assistance.
  • Click here for CVSan Holiday Tree Collection Page.



Twice a year. Click here for a chart and more information about the CVSan Recycles Day Events.



During two specified weeks during the year:

The next Textile Collection week is October 3-7, 2022.

Single Family Residents – Place bagged textiles (household linens, clothing, etc.) on the curb next to the blue recycling cart on your regular collection day.

Multi-Family Complexes – Curbside collection will occur during weeks listed above on your service day – see below for a link to the service day map.

Textiles will be sorted for reuse. Please do not set out textiles that are wet, moldy, or have human biowaste or blood on them. Click here for the textile collection flyer.

Click here for the ACI CVSan Service Day Map.