Debris Box Billing & Service Guidelines

  • All debris box customers will be required to pay a pre-payment per box per pull.

The pre-payment is $1,000.00 for commercial customers per box per pull.
The pre-payment is $500.00 for residential customers per box per pull.

  • BILLING INCLUDES: A Placement Fee, Per Pull Charge, and a Weight Fee for each time the container is serviced.

1. Placement Fee: Initial delivery of the container. If the container is placed in the street, there is also a flasher fee per pull.

2. Per Pull Charge: Each time the container is serviced.

3. Weight Fee: Each time the container is serviced. The weight fee is based on the type and weight of the material inside the container. The material weight is measured at the disposal or processing site.

4. Trip Fee: Charged if the driver is unable to service the container (such as overloading, cannot access, etc.).

5. Demurrage Charge: If the container is not serviced within seven days of placement or last service, a demurrage charge is applied each day until service is performed.

(Fees are outlined in the rate for service section).

The Per Pull Charges and Weight Fees are taken out of the pre-payment.

If there is a balance owed, ACI will invoice you at the end of the billing cycle.

If a refund is due, a check/credit card refund will be processed within 30 days of last day of the billing cycle.

  • PAYMENT: You may pay by company check, personal check, money order, credit card (Visa, MasterCard, & Discover) or cash (no third- party checks). This is required for each box depending upon amount of service.
  • DELIVERY/PICKUP: Delivery and/or service times cannot be guaranteed. Please call our office 2-business days before you need a delivery or pickup of the container. Don’t forget to include if the container is to be picked up with no return.
  • PLEASE REMEMBER: NO HAZARDOUS WASTE IN CONTAINER. Material cannot be higher than edge of container. DO NOT OVERFILL CONTAINER.
  • We do not accept stable waste in our containers.
  • CLOSING CONTAINER: Please make sure T -bar is fully locked into top and bottom channel locks (as indicated by arrows at right) when closing container. We cannot pick up the container if these are not locked correctly.

  •  CONTAMINATION: Loads characterized as contaminated (i.e. trash in organics, etc.) by the landfill – shall be charged at loose garbage rates (Fees are outlined on rate for service section). Contaminated containers will not be returned to customer to offload–container will be dumped at landfill. Customer will not be notified of load characterization change.

If you have any questions regarding the service, please call our office at 510-483-1400.