Alameda residential service


Household Hazardous Waste Program Info

Hazardous waste can’t be thrown out with the garbage, recycling or organics. Before tossing it out, check the label. If it’s marked Danger, Warning, Poisonous, Toxic, or Flammable, it’s hazardous and requires special handling.

Please take hazardous items to one of the County’s free drop-off facilities. Visit www.StopWaste.Org/hhw for information.

The County accepts the following:

ACI offers curbside collection of used motor oil and filters.

  • Motor oil: Used motor oil and oil filters are collected on your day of service. Set jugs and filters next to the carts, NOT INSIDE. Free jugs and oil filter bags may be requested from ACI or you may use your own 1-gallon, screw top container. Be sure the top can be securely closed. Limit of 2 jugs of oil per pickup. No other automotive liquids. Do not mix oil with other fluids. Oil filters must be contained in clear zipper-lock bags.


  • Household batteries and fluorescent lamps may be dropped off at the local ACI office. Refer to our contact page for location and hours. Please put a piece of tape over the positive terminal on all batteries.

ALA batteries on blue cart

  • ACI will also collect household batteries that are placed in a zipper-style bag on top of (not inside) your blue Recyclables collection cart. Please tape the terminals on all batteries. No automotive batteries are allowed.



How do I dispose of e-waste?

Electronics need special handling. You can properly dispose of a limited amount of e-waste through the Clean Up Program. You may also take e-waste to the County drop-off.