What belongs in each container?

Commonly disposed of items are included in the searchable list below. The color-coding indicates proper sorting. Contact us for information regarding any unlisted item. Proper sorting makes a difference. Avoid contamination by sorting your recyclables properly. Click hereĀ for a list of common items that contaminate the recyclables stream.

Items in gray (this table) belong in garbage container
6-pack rings (please cut)laminated itemsQ-tips (with plastic wand)
ash, fireplace & BBQ (damp, cold and contained)light bulbs (no fluorescent)records/tapes & CDs
binders (plastic)metal cable wirereport covers (plastic)
bubble wrapmetallic wrapping paperrubber bands
candlesmirrorsrubber stamps
carbon papernailsrubber/neoprene
cello wrap around flower bouquetspacking peanuts (to take to shipping stores)sponges
ceramics (including tile)paper clipsstraws/stir sticks (plastic)
cosmetics containers with residuepaper used for cleaning (soiled)stuffed animals/toys (unwanted or can't be donated)
cotton balls (soiled)pencils with erasersstyrofoam
computer diskettespens (ink)tape: duct/masking/scotch
deodorant casingpet fecestempered glass (corning ware, pyrex)
diapersplants (plastic)textiles
feminine productsplastic bags (can also be taken back to grocery stores)toothpaste tubes
foam (all types)plastics (unmarked or not marked with a 1-7)transparencies/microfilm/negatives (acctate)
glass cups & glassesplastic filmutensils (plastic)
hangers (dry cleaners will take back hangers)plastic wrapvacuum bags
hose (garden or rubberpolystryrenewindow glass
ice cream wrappers (plastic)Q-tips (with paper wooden wand)wood (treated)
Items in blue (this table) belong in recycle container
aerosol cans (empty)drink boxes (juice)paper towel & toilet paper tubes
aluminum cansegg cartons (paper)phone books
aluminum foilenvelopes with metal claspsplastics labeled 1-7
aluminum pansfrozen food boxespots & pans
aseptic containersfruit baskets (plastic, and if labeled 1-7)salad dressing bottles
bleach bottles (empty)glass bottles & jars onlyscrap metal
boxes (shipping)grocery bags (paper)shampoo bottles
cans, food (bi-metal/tin)hardbound booksshoe boxes
carbonless paperice cream cartons (rinsed)soft drink bottles
cardboard (flatten/cut large or multiple boxes)junk mailsoup boxes
catalogsmagazinessoy milk boxes
cereal boxesmilk cartons (paper, rinsed)tub-type containers such as those used for yogurt, cottage cheese, and margarine if labeled 1-7
computer papernewspapers (including inserts)water jugs
cookie sheetspaint cans (empty latex)
detergent bottlespaper (adhesive/post-its)
juice bottlespaper packaging with remnant tape
Items in green (this table) belong in organics container
breadgrainstea bags/tea bag with staples
cactusgrass cuttingstree twigs and branches up to 6" in diameter
cerealhouseplantstrees (holiday, unflocked)
cheeseice cream sticks (wooden)vegetables
chewing gumleaveswaxed cardboard
chopsticks (wooden)meatwaxed paper (food-soiled)
coffee cups (paper)newspaper (food-soiled)waxed paper containers/cups
coffee groundspaper take-out cartons without metal handlesweeds
coffee filters (paper)pastawine corks
dairy productspizza boxes (leftover pizza)wood (uncoated, untreated)
egg shellspruningsyard waste
facial tissuesawdust